I am not a music freak. Music is not an integral part of my daily routine.
I am not relegious. Hymns hardly move me.
Nevertheless Thiruvasagam is running non-stop on my laptop for the last 24 hours. It is nothing short of a miracle. A musical marvel. Madhipariya Manickam.
Illayaraja dreams of achieving immortality with this rendition. It is not a wayward dream.

Last when I was glued to the music system, was when I listened to Raja’s Bharathi. I thought that was his best. This is even better.

If a godless creature like me can see the divinity in his music, I can imagine the tears flowing down the eyes of the profusely pious. It is bliss.

This just goes on to show that given great lyrics, Raja can transcend to a different level. It is a pity that he has got nothing better than the Vaalis and GangaiAmarans for the most part of his musical journey. It is a pity that he fell out with Vairamuthu, when both of them were at the zenith of their skills.

Now that Bharathi and Thiruvasagam have shown him a path, tread often by others awfully, but transformed into a terrific terrain by Raja, he should bring out the hidden gems of Tamil literature in a way only he can do.

Immortality guarenteed. For the lyrics and the music.

4 Responses to Illayaraja..thiruvasagam

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  3. N.Sridhar, BEML Ltd, Blore says:

    Tamil genration should thank ilayaraja for his excellent work.
    in this songs, im seeing GOD.

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