More on Music

December 23, 2006

Today I was watching Sudha Raghunathan on jaya TV’s Maarkazhi Utchavam. Like many other s from the Carnatic fraternity, she was asserting with great pride and conviction that Carnatic Music will remain the same forever.

Can’t help pondering if Carnatic Music will ‘remain’ if it remains the same. Why is there is such resistance for change? Why do the songs have to be in a language alien to the common man? I can understand that there will be intricacies beyond the comprehension of non-experts but why should even the language be far removed from the ground. There are so many laymen like me, who are willing to listen to vocal music, even if we can’t understand ragas behind it, if only we can understand the lyrics.

Cricket evolved from a ‘gentleman’s game’ to the common man’s religion only after efforts were made to reach the common man through shorter version of the game. Otherwise the game could have died a slow death.

Hope Carnatic Musicians learn this before it is too late.

I am sure there is no dearth of Tamil poets who can compose lyrics within the boundaries of Carnatic Music and probably even extend the boundaries. The subject of music need not be restricted to God and spirituality. There is more to music than just God. Love, society, nature,….

May the music flow…