Cuckold review part II

Let me complete the review that I started. After having finished the book, I still stand by my previous post. Cuckold is a fascinating book. It is not a romantic historical from Scott that you can recommend to a teenager, because of the extremely high erotic content (not to say that it is an erotic book – to say so will be grossly misrepresenting the truth). But you will read this with the enthusiasm of a teenager.

You have to applaud the author for the sheer audacity of choosing such a plot, centering around historical characters but rarely retelling history as there is nothing much recorded in history about them. The authenticity of existence of the characters draw the reader deep into the book but sketchy historical facts available about them have given unlimited freedom to the author to tell his own story within the boundaries of history. Meera is mythical reality. Rana Sanga, Maharajkumar, Babur and Bahadur are historical entities. Apart from these, everything else is for the author to imagine and for us to be drawn mystically into this make-believe world, into the innermost terrains of the human mind that could belong to any century.

Unlike most other Indian authors writing in English, Kiran Nagarkar has not been excessively bothered about the Western audience. He didn’t need to. It is an Indian book, with a undeniable universal appeal. I dont think it was an astounding commercial success but it will live to see the 22nd century and probably beyond.

But Mr.Nagarkar, the trouble with writing such a book is that you have have not kindled any interest in me for reading anything else from you.  You have said so much here that I doubt you will have anything more left in you to tell. Hope you prove me wrong.


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