Waiting for the crash

A novice in the stock market finds the easiest way to survive – by not investing ever, perennialy waiting for the impending crash. Even as his savings gather rust in a savings bank account, the risk-averse individual firmly believes he will be fully prepared to take advantage of the market when it ebbs to the lowest level.

When the market is rising, he is scared. Well, how long will this last. Even as the bulls are making merry and money, our man can only wait to see if these levels can be sustained. The prices keep soaring, soaring to a point of seemingly no-return. He still waits, ruing over the lower prices he missed, for gravity to take effect.

When the market crashes, he waits for the crash to be complete. The negativity in the market scares him. He thinks the bottom has not been breached and waits. It is not long, before the tide reverses again. The perpetual investor-in-waiting invariably misses to ride the tide again.

Well, the only comforting thought is that he has never lost money, never mind if he has never made any.


One Response to Waiting for the crash

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