Dirty Sales tricks

I have no intention of converting this into a consumerist blog or to launch a tirade against Citibank. But still, here is a second post on Citibank in the last one month.

I received a call from a Citibank (or its DSA) executive. She started off innocuosly saying it was confirmation call from customer service division. Then came the shocker :

“Did you receive a credit card, which we had sent to you?”

I – “No, I haven’t applied for one”.

Citi- ” Sir, this is a lifetime free card, which is sent to all Suvidha account customers. It is not activated and will be activated only if you ask for it”.

I – “How can you send such a card, when I have not asked for it. I have enough credit cards and I dont need one more. Please make sure it is not sent to me.”

Citi – “Sir, but this is a lifetime free card. Why are you saying no?”

I – “I have my own reasons. I dont need a credit card. Please dont send it to me”

Citi – “Ok sir. I will check and let you know”.

I have been in Sales (credit card sales, to be precise) but never could I resort to such cheap tricks, which is probably why I moved out of it at the earliest opportunity. I have seen a few tricks during my days in the bank but this reeks of utter disregard for all RBI regulations, either ways.

First case – banks are not supposed to send any credit card (activated or not) to a customer without an explicit request from the customer. If Citi is doing that, then they are in clear violation of this rule and have to be pulled up severely.

Second case – my guess is that some smart Sales Manager at Citibank must have come up with this brilliant idea to bluff the customer by saying the card has already been sent. Chances are less that there will be snobs like me who will return the card and insist on the card not being sent. Citibank employs some of the brightest management talent in the country and it is sad that such talent is being put to use for third rate dirty sales tricks.

I will put my bet on the second case being closer to truth. It is unlikely that Citibank will violate the RBI regulation so openly. It is easier and less expensive to pull a bluff on the customer.  


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