Politician Development Programs

We have exclusive executive development programs on offer, at all IIMs and other ivy-league schools. But I have never come across any academic program for the politician. The beleaguered Speaker, Somnath Chaterjee’s series of speeches was a genuine attempt at enlightening our MPs.

However, that is not enough. The real need for education lies lower down the political ladder, at the level of panchayats and muncipal councils. What academic and political education have these panchayat board presidents and councillors have, that will help them deliver in their roles? We dont blink before blaming politicians for all the ills that have befallen the country. Not for a moment do we consider that they have volunteered to do something that most educated Indians shirk away from. Yes, there is corruption. But, no man intends to be purely corrupt. Surely, every politician must have some longing, in a corner of his heart, to do good to people, apart from filling his own coffers. The trouble is, he seldom knows how to do good, even if he wants to. He doesnt have the education and experience to help him in that task.

This is a where a well-structured ‘Politician Development Program’ can make a difference. Sow the seeds of possibilities in the minds of our panchayat and muncipality members, show them the way, equip them with ideas and processes, showcase the great deeds of their peers; I think this will do wonders to the grass-root politics in the country.


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