The racism row – both sides of the coin still stink

The tragedy of raking up an issue, as complex as racism, on the basis of a clash between two fickle individuals, is all the more starking now. We knew both sides of the coin stank but didnt know they still stink and stink so much.

Harbhajan, after the slapping incident involving another fickle individual, was banished from IPL and lost a few crores in the bargain.

Australian media felt vindicated. Afterall, they were after the right culprit. Symonds must have been the real victim.

Now, Symonds has been sent home for insubordination and is contemplating giving up his international career. So, should the Indian media feel vindicated now?

The whole furore is pointless and hypocritical. We cannot take childish abuses to be racism. It was just bad manners. And we dont need bad manners to prove that racism exists. Extreme or subtle forms of discrimination based on race, caste, religion and gender, can exist, and possibly does exist, in all societies and countries, irrespective of the visibly ‘good manners’ exhibited by most people.


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