Spy satellite for Israel – India’s moral compromise

While the whole of Indian media was brimming with elation and jubilation over the launch of its moon mission – Chandrayaan, the other side of India’s space capability was tucked away in remote corners of media coverage. India launches a spy satellite for Israel. 

This is the country that had practised a diplomatic apartheid against Israel and South Africa for long. The moral high-ground gained through a non-violent independence movement, decades of principled non-alignment and various other self-imposed restraints in international relations, cannot be traded away for mere monetary gains. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the purpose to which this spy satellite will be used for. Then, why is it, our rocket scientists at ISRO, with the tacit approval of the Indian Government, are willing to play an active role in an endeavour that could ultimately be crucial in an immoral war?


2 Responses to Spy satellite for Israel – India’s moral compromise

  1. Swap says:

    Israel is close to India than palastine so this move is not a surprise to me.

  2. Good point that I had never thought of before.

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