Thirukkural – my trusted treastise

April 14, 2010

I cannot think of any speech that I have made without Thirukkural. I cannot think of any of my thoughts that have not been influenced by Thirukkural. I cannot think of any subject for which I cannot dig into Thirukkural. From love to law, from management to self-realization, Valluvar has touched upon everything. Everytime, I read a management book, I cannot help thinking, ‘oh, hasnt Valluvar talked about this?’.

My favourite Kural keeps changing. More on management later, but right now, no surprises, it is:

குழலினிது யாழினிது என்பர் தம்மக்கள்

மழலைச்சொல் கேளா தவர்.

Only those who don’t listen to their baby’s sweet babble will claim that a flute or yaazh sounds melodious.