A trip to Coimbatore

Cross-Posting some updates from my Facebook, done during my weekend trip to Coimbatore:


There is an old world charm in getting off a train at Coimbatore, saying a sweet no to the drivers’ polite ‘saar auto?’, waiting alone for a bus, next to an open drain, gazing at the colorful sky-at-dawn and boarding a bus playing an old Raja song. The Blackberry, at the tip of my thumb, seems so anachronistic.


Took Mahirl out, yesterday, on her first bus ride around my old city, hoping to see it brand new through her curious eyes. Shortly, after watching a lovely peacock stroll by and a few white storks fly along, she dozed off. Then the city too wore a sleepy look. Only the broad, elevated, pedestrian path, laced with brown… and yellow slabs, looked new. A car vroomed past the bus, on the pedestrian walkway.



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