Growing old

She is still puzzled by the riddle of why
Nehru maama didn’t turn up for his birthday party.

“Appa, will Nehru maama never come paa?”

“He won’t daa”

“Will Gandhi thaathaa too not come?”

mmmhmm…I shook my head.

“Will they come only on TV? Why paa?”

“Yes da. They grew very old.
And so, they left the earth.”

“Appa, if you grow old,
will you also leave the earth?”


“You should never leave me and go anywhere.


Earlier on Nov 14th (from my Facebook update):

We had quite a tough time cajoling Mahirl to go to school today – ‘Appa, I don’t want to go to this Nehru maamaa’s birthday party. I dont want to meet him.’  No, this is no hidden message for the Nehru-Gandhi family.


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