The game of strategic interests

The GoI/TOI line of thinking of having to ‘sacrifice international strategic interests because of domestic compulsions’ is outright insensitive and short-sighted.

Why should strategic interests dictate India’s stance on moral issues? I can only only look back with longing to the moral courage of Gandhi, who could condemn the creation of Israel at the peak of holocaust, even while denouncing Hitler, and advising restraint to Palestinians/Arabs.

More importantly, how can international strategic interests be more important than ‘domestic compulsions’? Is keeping a foreign government (accused of mass-murder) happy, more important than reining in the growing disengagement of large sections of Tamil youth with the idea of India?

Is Sri Lanka so important to India, that the government will continue to turn a blind eye to the poor Indian fishermen  (or Tamilnadu fishermen, as is always reported in National media), being harassed and killed by the Sri Lankan fishermen and troops? When India can rise up, rightly, against Italy to arrest Italian nationals who shot our fishermen, why should the same not be done against Sri Lankans indulging in similar acts? Ah, well, can our strategic interests be sacrificed for the sake of domestic compulsions?


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