The library

Awesome. Anna Centenary Library at Chennai. It is so good that Jayalalitha has no option but try to destroy it. (Since, it reminds us that Karunanidhi was not all evil).

After 6-7 hours of walking around (to cover hardly 50% of the library so far), I could spot many, many books I’ve been wanting to read for ages…in Tamil and English. From Kumudam to Granta, most magazines are there.

For a government institution, it is still well-maintained (and air-conditioned). There are comfortable sofas and chairs, table lighting. Books can’t be rented yet but I think that is more of a blessing.

Braille section and an exclusive colourful Childrens’ floor are indications that somebody had been thinking.

The most crowded part was the ‘Own books reading section’! Must be the AC.

Of course, now and then, you get the welcome comic relief of finding a book by Thol Thirumavalavan on Tamil Tigers in the Biology (உயிரியல்) section, or a travelogue by Thi.Janakiraman, on his trip along Cauvery (நடந்தாய் வாழி காவேரி), in the Water Resources (நீர்வளம்) section.

And, it is only a 10-minute walk from home; and, laptops are allowed inside….hmm, work-from-library seems to be an appealing option for me.


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