On friendly nations and a death sentence

Many in the country are celebrating the death sentence for Kasab. Fair enough – while I don’t support death sentence for any crime for anybody, I don’t want to belittle the sentiments of those who do. What is the crime of Kasab? To state the obvious : he killed Indian citizens and ‘waged war’ on our nation.

There is another country which has been repeatedly harassing, attacking, detaining and killing Indian citizens (in addition to massacring thousands of their own). The Indian Government rewards them by training their soldiers on Indian soil. The national media doesn’t care. The answer by a Central Minister to the locals’ objections : “We will continue to give them training. They are our friendly country”. If we can be ‘gracious’ enough to continue to treat this country as friendly, then, in the same spirit, we should garland Kasab, give him further training to ensure he doesn’t get caught the next time and send him home safely.

And by the way, when is that world cup T20 starting? Another opportunity to show what a friendly people we are.

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