Karti Chidambaram Vs. Vadra

‎’Karthi Chidambaram has amassed more wealth than Vadra’ is the simple tweet that has landed @ravi_the_indian in jail. I have no idea of how much wealth Karti has made – the only first-hand experience is seeing his/his dad’s posters put up all over Coimbatore last week or in Chennai more frequently, but posters don’t cost much nowadays anyway.

But I think, this is the strongest indictment of Vadra that has come from anyone (including Kejriwal) – the son of the Finance Minister conveying the message that it is offensive and defamatory to have one’s wealth compared with Vadra’s. Vadra should get really worried.

[And of course, a clamp-down on dissent is a better way to pay tributes to Indira Gandhi than paying for all those full-page ads.]


One Response to Karti Chidambaram Vs. Vadra

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