Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Malala Yousafzai

To my mind, amongst all Gandhi’s closest followers, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s feats were the most spectacular; to make one of the most violent people practise non-violence was nothing less. His prison terms under the British rule were the harshest. After independence, he was the one leader who suffered the most, spending another 14 years in Pakistani prisons.


In one of my training programs, when we were discussing about Ghaffar Khan and his steadfast adherence to what he believed in, a question popped up – ‘What did Ghaffar Khan achieve in return for all his efforts – 27 years of prison? And his homeland is still the most violent place on earth’.I doubt if I answered it satisfactorily then. The answer dawned clearly on me, when I first heard about this girl and after some some research, when I came across this:

‘Malala identifies Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Badshah Khan, Bacha Khan), the “Muslim Gandhi”, as her source of inspiration.’The seeds that he sowed have taken time to flower. But in what spectacular fashion, they have flowered! Still tragic, but so full of hope.


5 Responses to Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Malala Yousafzai

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  2. Silai says:

    This man is without a doubt the bravest and most courageous man of the past Century! And now, he is smiling down at Malala from heaven with pride, as his young pashtun daughter is now leading the charge for world peace!

    Loved your post! So beautiful of you to make the connection between Ghaffar Khan and Malala ❤

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