Celebrating another death

Celebrate India, celebrate.
How dare they attack our Parliament.
From outside.
Now that the ‘attackers’ are all dead,
let our Parliament start functioning.
Development can erase memories of political massacres.
But only death can erase accusations of abetting a terror attack.
And ease our collective conscience.
Let us celebrate.
Today is the right day –
We have an apt Chief Guest readily available.
A President from our neighboring super power. No less.


One Response to Celebrating another death

  1. […] This is what I had posted when Afzal Guru was hanged secretively. I know many many others in Tamilnadu (arguably more than anywhere else in India, outside Kashmir) who had expressed similar sentiments, while the English channels were spewing venom – then as now. It is nauseating to see the same news anchors now pitting Kashmiris vs Tamils, with complete disregard for the consistent humanitarian stance of many Tamils. Along with the undeniable Tamil sentiments, this humanitarian stance has also played a major part in creating the political compulsion, if any, for the Tamilnadu government. I should never use this word against anyone – but if ever the much misused word, anti-national, can be applied, it is for these anchors for playing such a blatantly divisive role. […]

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