On jazzy airports and bullet trains

The logic of JC Kumarappa’s argument, in his ‘The Economy of Permanence’, still holds good (nationalised or not) in the era of jazzy airports and bullet trains: 

‘There has been a lot of talk recently about ‘Nationalising’ the Airways. These airways, at present, are not within the reach of the villagers. They do not need them nor are they likely to use them. So Government control now will mean the Government will spend its money and thought in making ‘the Airways’ easily available to the ‘haves’ while other ‘haves’ will provide the service. Aerodromes may have to be constructed and various roads, etc. provided. For this, these private bodies would like to exploit the Government resources and obtain their assistance under the plea of Government control or ‘Nationalisation’. The funds available to the Government should be earmarked for the provision of facilities for the masses and hence we cannot divert them for the betterment of airways. Let private enterprises go on as they have done. Some ‘haves’ will exploit other ‘haves’ and later on when village based National Government comes into existence we shall have time enough to consider ‘Nationalisation’ of such services.’

– Economy of Permanence, JC Kumarappa


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