Farewell to Arms

While we rightly denounce the perpetrators of Peshawar crime as inhuman and intoxicated with religion, let us not forget that school killings are not confined to Pakistan.

It doesn’t take such high levels of misguided religious indoctrination to do this unthinkable and unjustifiable act.

In the last 5 years alone, 111 students/staff have been shot dead and 123 injured, in various school shootings in USA. (From wikipedia)

Without brainbreaking analysis, one can see what is common to the random shooters in US and the organized Taliban : GUNS.

Unless the developed and large countries, including India, stop indulging in the arms race, arms manufacturing and arms marketing, we will continue to grieve over such ghastly deeds.

It is not as if there was no violence before sophisticated arms, but if being inhuman is also in the nature of humans, why should our elected governments facilitate such brutality?

We have been hearing many well-meaning but patronizing comments in India, since yesterday. If India can take the lead in this, and announce, unilaterally, a massive cut in its defense budget and divert that money towards education of children in India (and Pakistan, if we can be generous and strategic), India can rediscover its lost moral leadership. Pakistan will reciprocate, and maybe, the world will, in due course. Lack of arms may have hurt us in the past. But arms cannot save us.


One Response to Farewell to Arms

  1. Shiva says:

    I can sense influence of Gandhiji’s concept of ahimsa here… Giving up arms without elimination of violence in the mindset is the surest way to self destruction for the party that unilaterally gives up arms. While it holds great practice as an individual spiritual path (and takes a lot to follow it), preaching it as a solution to the world will result in destruction of the naive party that foolishly follows it. This is where Mahatma-ji went wrong in interpreting Ahimsa. Krishna in the Gita while extolling ahimsa also clearly advises when disinterested violence is needed.

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