Being with birds

Many have asked me, and my wife, about who took the decision to move to the village and how Nedya is coping up. This album has been shot and compiled by Nedya over the last many months. Such a labour of love should indicate who calls the shots at the farm.

 In Nedya’s words:

“Bird watching gives me much energy and happiness. It shuts out the external world for me and I am completely with the birds. Over the last couple of months, the river around the farm dried up under the hot sun, and gradually my birds stopped coming. One evening, our neighbour across the river was burning something and our old silk-cotton tree caught fire. In the dim light and glowing fire, all I could see was a white-cheeked barbet flying around the silk cotton tree. I was worried that it may have had its nest there.

After a few spells of rain, my birds are back. I am hearing a Koel now, for the first time after we had moved to the farm. To find the Koel, I moved towards its call. Two black headed Orioles were chasing each other around the silk cotton tree and across the river. Two Mynas joined their chasing game. A Black Drongo, which was sitting quietly on the silk cotton tree, suddenly turned aggressive when an Oriental Honey Buzzard came to sit on the same branch. Finally the Black Drongo won and chased the Oriental Honey Buzzard away. A couple of Grey Hornbills flew high up over the coconut trees. A family of white headed babblers chattered loudly. Two red-vented bulbuls were busy taking fibres from the coconut tree to built their nest. An Asian paradise flycatcher was moving from a neem tree to a coconut tree. A Rupous treepie was flying here and there with something in the mouth. Two Rose-ringed Parakeets were enjoying each others company. Suddenly the Rupous treepie started chasing a House crow. How could I forget the national bird? A peacock danced beautifully, proudly opening its feathers. A flock of Egrets was flying over the river. To add to all this, a family of four freshwater turtles (or terrapins?) were happily swimming in our open well. All this within a few hours and on the same day, at our farm. Yes, the magic was created by a few showers of rain. Rain has brought back my birds and our friendly farmers have happily started sowing in the Chithirai pattam. This time, we have sowed a few varieties of millets and pulses(Kambu, Ragi & Chollum). I know, we may not be able to harvest anything. But my birds will have a wonderful feast.

I dedicate the following album(collected over the last few months) to Arun , who opened my doors to the world of birds.”


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