Our learning centre

Reposting an old note from Facebook:

We have been engaging with the village children for the last few months. 10-15 children come to our house (or sometimes the farm), after school. We call it the Payilagam – பயிலகம் (The Learning Centre).

We didn’t want to start with a concrete structure or curriculum. The children are free to do what they want, and learn what they are keen on, on that particular day. Sometimes they play badminton or chess or Snake & Ladder or other board games. They are free to do their homework or prepare for their exams. If they ask, we help them with the subjects. Of course, that is where maximum time goes.

We have opened up our personal library to them. Our daughter’s books are of great interest to them.

Now and then, we do a few activities together. We start the session with a few songs. If an opportunity comes us, we give some gyan on social issues. Some enthusaistic kid may want to share his/her learnings from a book.

Most children are very good with crafts. Each of them has some special skills – from repairing a sumbmersible pump to farming to repairing bicycles to cooking. That is where we would like our focus to be: getting them to learn all subjects through crafts and work. That is when they do learn a lot.


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