Two Ministers

There were two news items that gripped my attention in the last couple of days.

One was on Smriti Irani at Coimbatore. She had stopped at a cobbler’s shop and had trouble getting change for Rs.100. While posing with the poor, with the press in attendance, is a common enough gimmick, there was something pleasing about this act that pierced my usual cynicism. In the use-and-throw world of today, a minister wanting to mend her old chappals, instead of grabbing a new pair, sends across a powerful symbolic message. And well, there is nothing much for her to gain electorally here.

The other was on a speech by Manohar Parrikar. He had waxed horribly about gouging out the enemy’s eyes and boasted about giving them four slaps across their cheeks. So much for passing out of the hallowed portals of IIT.

I was never a fan of Smriti Irani as HRD Minister.
But I’d say, Damn Education, Damn Pedigree. Compassion is all we need in these times.

On that note, I am finally able to relate to a Kural that I always found out of place – how can someone adopt such an angry tone when talking about compassion?

An eye that is not abound with compassion,
what purpose is it serving on the face, feigning existence?
உளபோல் முகத்தெவன் செய்யும் அளவினால்
கண்ணோட்ட மில்லாத கண். (574)




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