What we talk about when we talk about inconvenience (for the landless and the landed poor):

It is not merely about standing in the queues. Like many of our well-meaning friends have mentioned, they are used to standing in queues. (But unlike what the memes say, not to get the latest iphone.)

It is about forgoing their daily wages. In contrast with the good people in the organized sector, there is no concept of paid leave for them. You earn only when you work. Many daily wage earners work at different places on different days. Going to the bank means waiting for a not-so-frequent bus to go to the bank and waiting again to return.

It is about receiving their daily wages in old currency and having to go to the bank again to exchange the currency. You know, they don’t have luxury of using plastic money or stocked up vegetables in the fridge and provisions in the shelves.

Going to the bank again, means foregoing their daily wage again.

More than anything, one of the main reasons they have resisted for so long, and still resist going to banks, and such places, is because, going there makes them feel worthless, and dependent on the mercy of others. All their skills mean nothing. All their ability to lead a completely self-dependent life on the land comes to nought. To add more insult, their worthlessness will now be branded with indelible ink on their working-class fingers.


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