Trampling over sane voices

It is horrifying, what we are doing in the name of development. We may ignore (at our own peril) the voices that challenge the current mode of development, the voices that utter the E-word. Disagree with them. Debate with them. Prove them wrong. But why suppress them? Why torture them? Why demean them?

A society raised upon the tears and blood of good people is not worth living in.

via Nityanand Jayaraman

Mughilan has been in jail for over a year. A committed activist who took on the sand mafia (politicians of all parties in other words), fought against the Koodankulam nuclear plant — which rarely functions — and has lent his might to root out corruption in public life, Mughilan has been dumped in solitary confinement in Madurai in a mosquito infested cell. Shame on you Government of Tamil Nadu that you cannot respect honesty, decency and courage. Mughilan’s fight is for all of us, including the undeserving people in politics and business.
#FreeMughilan /


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