Unintended mercies

During all the serious browsing and writing, we do manage to find some unintended relief and mercies. Late last night, I needed to translate thaali and chiragu into English. My wife suggested nuptial chain/thread for thaali, but no word came to mind for chiragu. Google search threw up a lot of jewelry ads. I clicked on a Tanishq ad for a mangalsutra costing Rs.46521. I decided to use the words nuptial chain and pendant. When I tried to exit that page, a message popped up.

/Dear Customer,
Please let us know the reason for your non-purchase and how could we help serve you better!/

I didn’t want to disappoint Tanishq. I left my answer there.

‘I was searching English words for Thaali and Chiragu. Found rough equivalents. Thank you.’

That small good deed kept me going (and awake) for another couple of hours.

(P.S. Any better alternatives are welcome)


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