‘We shall not want for our daily bread.’


The Daily Bread, a 1934 movie by King Vidor, is a simple, well-made, uplifting film from the depression era, most apt for these times.

A young couple go back to the land – a large, abandoned desolate tract, after they are left with no options in the city. They start farming though they have no clue of how to do it. They invite out of job, homeless passers-by, heading nowhere on cars running out of gas, to live on the land and a vibrant, versatile community gets formed. As one can expect, there are challenges. And the movie ends with a predictable but a spectacular, rousing climax.

This dialogue when the first sprouts of corn come out of the barren land sums up the spirit of the movie.

“It makes you feel safe. Confident. Like somebody was watching over you.
There is nothing to worry about. Not when we’ve got the earth. It’s…it’s like a…A mother. It’s wonderful.”


இலமென்று அசைஇ இருப்பாரைக் காணின்
நிலமென்னும் நல்லாள் நகும்.

Seeing them say, “We’ve not,” and loiter,
The Good Lady Earth shall snigger. (Kural #1040)

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